Britny Fox

1. "Into the Crypts of Rays," Celtic Frost
2. "Behind the Crooked Cross," Slayer
3. "Intervention," Corrosion of Conformity
4. "The Thing That Should Not Be," Metallica
5. "Tribal Convictions," Voivod
6. "Long Way To Love," Britny Fox
7. "Wasted Years," Iron Maiden
8. "Soul on Fire," Danzig
10. "Raging Embers," Saviours
11. "After Forever," Black Sabbath
12. "Over the Mountain," Ozzy Osbourne
13. "The Prison of Mirrors," Xasthur

Ryan also provided explanations for each song. You can read it all at Blender. And for his favorite albums of the year, see what he told Filter. Britney Fox video (kind of boring really), below...

BRITNY FOX-Long Way To Love-LIVE 1988

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