The persona known as “Matty” eclipsed the feeling of a band being on stage together. Often speaking, and acting, as if The 1975 was a vehicle for his expression only, it became hard to blindly enjoy obviously cheeky songs like “Love Me” as he slathered on the campy narcissism — saying things like “Who just thinks I’m amazing?,” or deadpanning “Don’t you know I’m one of the most important artists in the world? Don’t be on Instagram at my gig,” and staring longingly at graphics of his own name appearing on LED screens.

It’s part of the shtick, sure, but it was hard to tell who’s in on what and how much they know. After awhile, the lull in the show — back-to-black slower numbers including “I Couldn’t Be More in Love” and “Fallingforyou” (from 2013’s “IV EP”) — was almost welcome.

But for those who don’t care, Healy’s tentative grasp on navigating adulthood in the digital age — paired with insatiable, maniacal engagement — has quickly made him one of the younger generation’s most influential artistic leaders. Brandishing wit and clever world play with reckless abandon, sometimes even able to side-step his own indulgences, songs like “I Like America & America Likes Me” and “Love It If We Made It” have become rallying cries of sorts for the millennial generation. [The Chicago Tribune]

The 1975 released one of our favorite albums of 2018, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, and as mentioned, they've been out on tour in support of it. That tour brought them to Chicago's United Center on Wednesday night (5/8), where they played one of their typically over-the-top sets, with Matty Healy directing the proceedings in true larger-than-life frontman fashion. Their setlist, which you can see below, pulled mostly from their newest album, but also included plenty of songs from 2016's I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, and a few older tracks.

The 1975's tour brings them to NYC for Governors Ball soon, where they play Saturday, June 1.

The 1975 associates and Dirty Hit labelmates Pale Waves and No Rome opened Wednesday night's show (and No Rome joined The 1975 on stage during their set). Check out pictures of all three in the gallery above, and a few videos of The 1975 below.

Setlist: The 1975 @ United Center, 5/8/2019 (via)
Give Yourself a Try
She's American
Sincerity Is Scary
It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)
A Change of Heart
Love Me
Loving Someone
I Couldn't Be More in Love
Narcissist (No Rome cover, with No Rome)
I Like America & America Likes Me
Somebody Else
I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)

Love It If We Made It
The Sound


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