Veteran post-rock/ambient musician The Album Leaf (aka Jimmy LaValle) has announced his first proper (non-soundtrack/film score) album in seven years, Future Falling, due May 5 via Nettwerk. The album was mixed by Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, and it features guest vocals from Kimbra and Bat For Lashes, the latter of whom is on lead single "Near."

"I had sent Natasha [Kahn, Bat For Lashes] a song I was working on to see if she’d be up collaborating," Jimmy says. "We spent an afternoon in my studio while she sang a handful of ideas over the piece. I took those ideas and created something new inspired by her vocal. I really wanted to create something to support the dreamlike narrative she was painting. It was all very natural."

Natasha adds, "We worked organically, I was building vocals over Jimmy���s music; playing with melodies and words… he then took it away and sculpted it into what became ‘Near.’ The imagery was of going deep into a dark forest with a small glimmer of safety, something precious and secret. Sort of an ambient fairytale. It was very spontaneous and fun to improvise."

"Near" is a pulsating, ambient pop song, and the blend of Natasha's ethereal vocals and Jimmy's glistening electronics is truly gorgeous. Check it out below.

Meanwhile, Bat For Lashes has been teasing a new album of her own as well.

Dust Collects
Afterglow Feat. Kimbra
Future Falling
Give in
Near Feat. Bat For Lashes

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