The Assembly of Light Choir at LPR, June 2011 (more by Greg Cristman)
Assembly of Light choir

The Assembly of Light Choir's collaboration on The Body's All of The Waters of The Earth Turned To Blood are some of the most compelling tracks on the record. The juxtaposition of the all-female choir against The Body's rumbling low-end blasts is a study in eerie contrast, and one that continues on AoLC's debut LP.

Out August 25 on At a Loss Records, The Assembly of Light Choir's oddly apoctalyptic journey into doom and classicism begins with its first single "Transition" which features The Body's Chip King on vocals. We're premiering a stream of that song below.

In celebration of the release of the band's LP, west-coasters can look forward to a victory lap of shows with The Body and Braveyoung. All tour dates are listed below, along with that song stream.


The Assembly of Light Choir - "Transition"

8/08/2012 Black Lodge - Seattle, WA
8/09/2012 Plan B - Portland, OR
8/10/2012 Burial Grounds - Salem, OR [*CHOIR ONLY]
8/11/2012 Oakland Metro (side room) - Oakland, CA
8/12/2012 Township - Sacramento, CA
8/13/2012 Sidebar - Los Angeles, CA
8/14/2012 Che Cafe - San Diego, CA
8/15/2012 Blue Star Cafe - Los Angeles, CA
8/16/2012 TBA - Santa Cruz, CA
8/17/2012 TBA - San Francisco, CA

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