The Avalanches have released a handful of singles so far this year and they've now announced a new album, titled We Will Always Love You, which was the title of their single from February that featured Blood Orange. While the release date and other details are still to be announced, the group did share a bit about the album art which was designed by Jonathan Zawada and notes that the sleeve features Ann Druyan (Creative Director of the Voyager Golden Record Project), "who’s cosmic love story inspired this music."

"In keeping with the album's theme of everlasting love as an undying vibration, Ann's image was run through a spectrograph, turned into sound, and back again," The Avalanches write. "The image remains hidden, deep within in the grooves of the music, for you to discover if you wish."

The Avalanches call the record "an exploration of the vibrational relationship between light, sound and spirit," and say it will be available to pre-order soon. Stay tuned.

The Avalanches singles from this year have featured some notable collaborators: "Wherever You Go" featured Jamie xx, Neneh Cherry, Clypso, and The Clash's Mick Jones, and "Running Red Lights" featured RIvers Cuomo and Pink Siifu.

It's been four years since The Avalanches released their second album, Wildflower, which isn't that long when you think that it took 16 years to follow up their 2000 debut.

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