I'm not sure exactly what happened, but here are a few reactions...

IN MY EMAIL "River to River screwed a whole lot of Belle & Sebastian fans today. You know how they told everybody they were giving out tickets at the Starbucks starting at noon today? Well, at least at the Barclay & Broadway location, people found out at 11:50am that all the tickets had already been given away. They cited an unspecified 'safety concern' as the reason."

IN THE COMMENTS: "went to the one at woolworth bldg (b'way & barclay st) this morning... got there at 9am and was about 100 ppl back in line. no one knew how many tix they were giving out. at 10:35 or so the line started moving & they were giving out the tix bc the line was like about 500 ppl long (at least) and they had 500 pairs of tix. feel bad for the people who came at noon."

IN THE COMMENTS: "All tickets at the Woolworth Building Starbucks were given away starting a few hours before noon. Lame lame lame."

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