Montreal greats The Besnard Lakes are back with their first album in five years, titled The Besnard Lakes Are the last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings and out January 29, 2021 via Fat Cat / Flemish Eye / Full Time Hobby. It promises to be the group's grandest statement yet, a 72-minute double album where songs flow into one another across four suites: "Near Death," "Death," "After Death," and "Life."

Frontman Jace Lasek says the album was heavily influenced by the death of his father, in particular a moment where, on his deathbed, he came out of a morphine dream talking about "'a window' on his blanket, with 'a carpenter inside, making intricate objects.'" That experience seeps into much of the album that also pays tribute to Prince and Talk Talk's Mark Hollis. The first single is "Raindrops," which combines shoegaze atmospherics and Beach Boys-eque harmonies in a widescreen sound that is signature Besnard Lakes. Watch the video below.


The Besnard Lakes Are The Last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings

The Besnard Lakes Are the last of the Great Thunderstorm Warnings:
1. Blackstrap 06:35
2. Raindrops 05:10
3. Christmas Can Wait 08:03
4. Our Heads, Our Hearts on Fire Again 06:29
5. Feuds With Guns 04:21
6. The Dark Side of Paradise 08:58
7. New Revolution 06:54
8. The Father of Time Wakes Up 06:48
9. Last of the Great Thunderstorms Warnings 17:53

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