We already ran down the 45 best albums of 2016, the 20 best emo/punk albums, the 15 best new(ish) rock bands, and 10 overlooked albums. Now let's talk about the best metal of 2016.

Our metal sister site Invisible Oranges published individual lists by the site's contributors (including yours truly), and the average top 10 of all the lists looks like this:

04) Abbath – Abbath (22 points)

03) Cobalt – Slow Forever (26 points)

01) Blood Incantation – Starspawn (31 points)
Oathbreaker, Cobalt and Kvelertak also cracked the BV top 45 (as did Inter Arma).

Here are Invisible Oranges's individual IO lists:

Also check out honorable mentions and top songs by editor Joseph Schafer, overlooked albums by Dan Lawrence, and Stereogum's 40 Best Albums List of 2016 (written by ex-Invisible Oranges editors Michael Nelson, Doug Moore, Aaron Lariviere, Wyatt Marshall, and Ian Chainey).

For more of the year's best metal, check out Decibel's Top 40 list, plus top 10s from Stephen Brodsky, Aaron Turner, King Woman, and Iron Reagan.

If you haven't heard that Blood Incantation album, stream it below. If you're in NYC, catch them at the Stardust fest at Saint Vitus in February.

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