Frankies 457 is a vegan-friendly reasonalby-priced fancyish Italian restaraunt on Court St in Brooklyn. The (vegan) food (that I've had) is awesome. In yesterday's Gawker Stalker I found out the Black Crowes are Frankies fans too...

"Chris Robinson spinning obscure psycheldic records at Frankie's 457 in Carroll Gardens last night (Monday night). Something was amiss with the turntable connection to the speakers and the sound was very scratchy. Robinson smoked lots of weed and seemed generally perplexed by the fact that his turntable sounded like crap. Ran out to the garden hurriedly one time to answer his cell phone. Wonder who that call was from..." [Gawker Stalker]

"Nevertheless, it's packed with the owners' celeb pals, like Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson. The restaurant opens at 8AM for espresso and biscotti, and serves wine and cheese deep into the night." [AOL CityGuide]

"Chris Robinson threw a birthday party for his wife Kate Hudson here." []

"In one night I saw Kate Hudson, her hubby Chris Robinson and the rest of the Black Crows, and Tim Robbins." [Browstoner]

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