DJ and producer The Black Madonna said she was "furious" to learn that Amazon Web Services was the presenter of new Las Vegas music festival Intersect, which she had just been added to the lineup of. "What the fuck is this Amazon shit?" she wrote. "It’s on NONE of the offers or paperwork." In a statement to Pitchfork, an Amazon Web Services spokesperson said that while the fest's affiliation was "clear in the contract," they'll be releasing The Black Madonna from that contract, removing her from the lineup:

Our affiliation of the Intersect Festival is clear in the contract that was signed by Black Madonna’s management team. “Amazon Web Services” was named in the contract five separate times, and throughout creative materials that were reviewed and approved. Regardless, we’ve decided to release her from her contractual obligation.

The poster for Intersect's initial lineup announcement says "music/arts/tech festival by AWS," but in a tweet, The Black Madonna writes, "it says aws in the URL and that’s it I didn’t even know what that stood for till yesterday. The people that hired me didn’t mention amazon. This wasn’t even the name of the festival when I confirmed."

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