BOFFO, a NYC-based "nonprofit organization that presents innovative and experimental art, architecture, and design," will throw the next BOFFO Fire Island Performance Festival from August 26-28. Billed as "a weekend of performance, music, and dance made for the island’s unique social and geographic context," the festival will include a handful of artists who were commissioned to produce "new and adapted works for the island's diverse public."

Among the artists are musicians who frequent the NYC indie scene like The Blow and Eartheater, plus Tyler Ashley, Xavier Cha with Rafael Reynoso and Adonis Vasquez, Fluct, Fragile (Wolfgang Tillmans), M. Lamar, Pearl, Frankie Sharp, Casey Spooner (of electroclash duo Fischerspooner), Ssion, Telfar and more.

The performances are all free, but you can also purchase a $50 tour with cocktails, and/or attend a $500 benefit dinner. More details and all ticket options HERE.

Check out the full schedule:

12 - 8PM - Telfar Pop-Up - The Meat Rack

8PM - M. Lamar - Whyte Hall Community Center - Albert Lepage Pavilion - 577 Fire Island Blvd. Free

11PM - Pearl - Location announced at M. Lamar performance. Free

12-8PM - Telfar Pop-Up - The Meat Rack

12-2PM - Carrington Estate Tour & Cocktails - 548 Beachcomber Walk. Join BOFFO, Fire Island National Seashore, and historian John Krawkuch to celebrate the Centennial of the National Park Service and visit the Carrington Estate. We'll serve cocktails at 548 Beachcomber and give tours of the Carrington Estate to groups of 20 every 30 min. $50 Tickets

2 - 7:30PM - The Blow, Eartheater, Fragile (Wolfgang Tillmans), Frankie Sharp, Ssion - The Beach at Sandy Walk / The Meat Rack. Free

7:30 - 8PM - Xavier Cha - The Beach at Sandy Walk / The Meat Rack. Free

9PM - Casey Spooner Dinner - 214 Beach Hill Walk. Join us for a magical evening of storytelling and dinner - proceeds support BOFFO and our Fire Island artist residency program. Purchase of this ticket gives you access to Carrington Estate Tour & Cocktails on Saturday from 12 - 2pm. $500 Tickets

12 - 6PM - Telfar Pop-Up - The Meat Rack

2PM - FLUCT - The Pines Club - 236 Bay Walk. Free

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