photo: The Body at The Acheron in 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)
The Body

The sixth biennial experimental/metal/electronic Apex Fest goes down this year at Ridgewood, Queens venue Trans-Pecos from June 5-7. It features live music on day 1 from Jarl and more TBA; day 2 from Gnaw Their Tongues, Trepaneringspiritualen, Menace Ruine, IRM, Burial Hex, Sutekh Hexen and Barren Harvest; and day 3 from Sophia, Svartsinn, Karjalan, Northaunt, Havan, Funerary Call and a set from The Body with special guest collaborators. There's also various short films, visual works and DJ sets. Tickets for the festival and more info HERE.

No word yet who those collaborators are, but the fest is a few weeks after The Body wrap up a tour with Full of Hell (who they're planning a collaborative album with), and they also put out a collaborative album with Thou earlier this year.

Tickets are on sale now for The Body's show with Full of Hell at Saint Vitus on May 16, and those bands play a matinee at ABC No Rio that day too (ticket info TBA).

Updated The Body dates are listed below...


The Body -- 2015 Tour Dates
3/07/2015 924 Gilman - Berkeley, CA @ Two Piece Fest
3/08/2015 All Star Lanes - Los Angeles, CA
4/06/2015 Soundpony - Tulsa, OK
4/07/2015 JR's Lightbulb Club - Fayetteville, AR
4/08/2015 Melt - St. Louis, MO
4/04/2015 Deep Desert - Providence, RIw/ Full of Hell
4/16/2015 Golden Tea House - Philadelphia, PA w/ Full of Hell
4/17/2015 Strange Matter - Richmond, VA w/ Full of Hell
4/19/2015 Drunken Unicorn - Atlanta, GA w/ Full of Hell
4/20/2015 Local 662 - St. Petersburg, FL w/ Full of Hell
4/21/2015 Churchill's - Miami, FL w/ Full of Hell
4/22/2015 The Warehouse - Gainesville, FL w/ Full of Hell
4/23/2015 The End - Nashville, TN w/ Full of Hell
4/24/2015 Sticky Fingerz - Little Rock, AR w/ Full of Hell
4/26/2015 Sisters In Christ - New Orleans, LA w/ Full of Hell
4/27/2015 Mohawk Inside - Austin, TX w/ Full of Hell
4/28/2015 Three Links - Dallas, TX w/ Full of Hell
4/29/2015 Electric Banana - El Paso, TXw/ Full of Hell
4/30/2015 52 West - Phoenix, AZ w/ Full of Hell
5/01/2015 Complex - Los Angeles, CA w/ Full of Hell
5/02/2015 924 Gilman - Berkeley, CA w/ Full of Hell
5/03/2015 Highwater Mark - Portland, OR w/ Full of Hell
5/04/2015 Black Lodge - Seattle, WA w/ Full of Hell
5/05/2015 Feral House - Boise, ID w/ Full of Hell
5/07/2015 Glob - Denver, CO w/ Full of Hell
5/08/2015 Ernie November's - Cheyenne, WY w/ Full of Hell
5/10/2015 Triple Rock - Minneapolis, MN w/ Full of Hell
5/11/2015 Quarters - Milwaukee, WI w/ Full of Hell
5/12/2015 The Empty Bottle - Chicago, IL w/ Full of Hell
5/13/2015 Belvederes - Pittsburgh, PA w/ Full of Hell
5/14/2015 Sugar City - Buffalo, NY w/ Full of Hell
5/15/2015 The Middle East - Boston, MA w/ Full of Hell
5/16/2015 ABC No Rio - New York, NY w/ Full of Hell (matinee show)
5/16/2015 Saint Vitus Bar - Brooklyn, NY w/ Full of Hell
5/17/2015 Machines With Magnets - Providence, RI w/ Full of Hell
6/07/2014 Apex Fest at Trans-Pecos - Ridgewood, NY w/ special guest collaborators