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DOWNLOAD: The Body - "A Curse" (MP3)

The Body's All The Waters Of The Earth Turned To Blood
The Body

The Providence brotherhood known as The Body have balls. Not only in a more conventional wall-of-sovteks-and-sunns way, or in a literal sense, but in the way that's hardest to come by... ambition and untainted devotion towards evolution in their sound.

Over the course of many releases, The Body have never been the type of band that fit neatly into any sort of doom metal mold, but with their new LP All The Waters Of The Earth Turned To Blood, Chip King and Lee Buford are throwing in the kitchen sink. Aphex Twin style electronic stutters, odd and off-putting auctioneer-style chanting, piercing noise-squalls, a 32 piece chorus, and ambient soundscapes, all punctuated with riff after riff of unmitigated guitar violence.

One of the mildest cases of cross-infection on All The Waters... is "A Curse". Download it above. Starting with an almost post-rocky intro that Russian Circles could turn into an entire song, "A Curse" devolves into a cacophonous black metal rager before breaking for the bowel-shaking riffs that The Body is most known for on the live circuit. (By the way- they are fantastic live, as I witnessed a few times, most recently with Dark Castle at Lit).

One of the most unrelenting, riveting, odd and just plain special records of the year. Get the vinyl now via Blue Collar Distro and look for the CD on the great At A Loss!

The Body are heading out on the road for US tour and are still working on scheduling dates. If you are interested in having them in your city, hit them up at thebodybooking AT gmail DOT com.

Full tour sked (just dates and cities) and some videos are below.

The Body @ mass art 10/30/09

Jul 23 2010 TBA philadelphia, pa
Jul 24 2010 TBA Pittsburgh, PA
Jul 25 2010 TBA cleveland, OH
Jul 26 2010 TBA CHICAGO, IL
Jul 27 2010 TBA milwaukee, wi
Jul 28 2010 TBA Minneapolis, MN
Jul 29 2010 TBA fargo, nd
Aug 1 2010 TBA Seattle, WA
Aug 2 2010 TBA Portland, OR
Aug 3 2010 TBA Portland, OR
Aug 4 2010 TBA Eugene, OR
Aug 6 2010 TBA San Francisco, CA
Aug 8 2010 TBA Oakland, CA
Aug 9 2010 TBA San Jose, CA
Aug 11 2010 TBA las vegas, ca
Aug 13 2010 tba san diego, ca
Aug 14 2010 TBA Phoenix, az
Aug 15 2010 tba flagstaff, az
Aug 16 2010 TBA Albuquerque, NM
Aug 17 2010 TBA Denver, CO
Aug 18 2010 TBA Kansas City, MO
Aug 19 2010 TBA Oklahoma City, OK
Aug 20 2010 11:00P TBA Dallas, TX
Aug 21 2010 tba Austin, TX
Aug 22 2010 tba houston, tx
Aug 23 2010 TBA New Orleans, LA
Aug 24 2010 TBA memphis, tn
Aug 25 2010 TBA little rock, ar
Aug 27 2010 tba tba, ms
Aug 28 2010 TBA ATLANTA, GA
Aug 29 2010 tba pensacola, fl
Aug 30 2010 TBA gainesville, tba
Aug 31 2010 TBA Tampa, FL
Sep 1 2010 TBA ft.meyers, fl

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