The Body recently released their new album I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer on Thrill Jockey, which is another great example of their genre-defying heavy music, and is extra appealing thanks to the Diamanda Galas-like vocals of guest singer Kristin Hayter (Lingua Ignota), who's on several songs. Another guest on the album is Michael Berdan of noisecore duo Uniform, and today, The Body have announced a full collaborative album with Uniform. (The Body are no strangers to collaborative albums.) The record has the Ozzy-referencing title of Mental Wounds Not Healing and it drops on June 8 via Sacred Bones (pre-order). The first single is the nasty, gruesome-sounding "Come and See" which would've worked pretty well on I Have Fought Against It and should easily appeal to fans of both The Body and Uniform (as well as fans of other stuff like this like Godflesh and Prurient, etc). Listen below.

We recently reviewed The Body's new album over at our metal sister site Invisible Oranges, and here's an excerpt:

Although the band themselves have posited that this is The Body’s pop music period, and some have seemingly bought into it, admitting you listen to Beyoncé doesn’t make you a pop artist any more than watching a movie makes you a cinematographer. Fortunately, that bit will likely fade away; I Have Fought Against It, But I Can’t Any Longer is far too abrasive and antagonistic to really own the label "pop." Much of the disc seems a modern interpretation of Whitehouse, the 1980s power electronics pioneers, though without the shock value. Their overt profanity and fascistic allusions were just a precursor to what we now call the news. Modern living is shocking enough these days.

It’s understandable that some, especially those who knew The Body as an experimental sludge group, could feel alienation, bewilderment, or even hostility at the new direction. In retrospect, their restless nature was apparent even when they were less idiosyncratic; maybe it always had to end up this way, with Lee Buford programming drums rather than playing them, with female singers supplanting King as the dominant voice. It's been an evolution as slow as sludge metal itself but In almost every way it seems like the culmination of what The Body has been working toward -- progressive rock.

You can read the rest here.

The Body are also touring with Lingua Ignota soon, including a Brooklyn show on July 7 at Saint Vitus that also has BIG|BRAVE (members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra) and King Vision Ultra on the bill (tickets).

Uniform are opening Deafheaven's tour, including the show at Brooklyn Steel on July 24 (tickets).

1 - Dead River
2 - The Curse of Eternal Life
3 - Come and See
4 - The Boy With Death in His Eyes
5 - In My Skin
6 - We Have Always Lived in the Castle
7 - Empty Comforts

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