Wednesday (3/29) was "Brexit Day" when the UK government officially served papers that they are to leave from the European Union. "This is an historic moment for which there can be no turning back. Britain is leaving the European Union," British Prime Minister Teresa May told the House of Commons in London. Not everyone agrees with Roger Daltrey and John Lydon in thinking it's a good thing. Martin Carr, former guitarist and songwriter for UK shoegaze-turned-Britpop act The Boo Radleys, has just released a new single titled "Gold Lift" to protest Brexit Day. "We get screwed if we stay or we leave / they won't be happy till we pay for the air we breathe," Carr sings on the sprightly, funky tune that recalls the '80s heyday of Paul Weller's decidedly socialist group The Style Council. As you can see from its artwork, this is aimed at Donald Trump too. Listen to the song and check out its Dylan-inspired video, below.

The Boo Radleys' 1993 album Giant Steps came in at #40 on Pitchfork's just-published "50 Best Britpop Albums" list (Though 1995's Wake Up! was the band's true Britpop moment). The list plays a little loose with the years -- they included The La's' debut from 1990, a good three years before Britpop became a "thing" -- to help make getting to 50 a little easier, but most of their choices are on the money. (Nice to see Denim's debut album in there at #50.) You can stream Giant Steps (and Wake Up!) below.

Pitchfork is celebrating Britpop at Brooklyn Bazaar on Friday (3/31) with DJ sets from LCD Soundsystem and Interference Pattern’s Tyler Pope, Japanese Breakfast, Elia Einhorn, and Pitchfork’s Stacey Anderson and Jillian Mapes. It's free and more info is here.


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