The Breeders spent part of their Sunday looking back on their classic 1993 album Last Splash on Tim's Twitter Listening Party -- daily events organized by The Charlatans' Tim Burgess where artists share anecdotes and answer fan questions about one of their albums while listening to it together via Twitter. There were some interesting factoids about Last Splash learned along the way. "This is the first song I ever demoed with Kim," drummer Jim MacPherson noted about "New Year," the album's opening song. "CroMag Studios in Dayton, Ohio 1992. When we listened back to it, Kim turned off all the lights and lit up a big joint." Bassist Josephine Wiggs joked, "And it was all downhill from there..."

On "Cannonball": Wiggs says the stops in the song "didn’t exist when we recorded it -- they were made post-production—using the mute buttons on the mixing desk. They came as a bit of a surprise I can tell you." On the video for it, Kelly Deal said "I remember hating the dress I wore for parts of the video that Kim Gordon and Spike Jonze made for this song - but I didn’t want to complain to Kim Gordon. Who would really?," adding, "I would love to say that I burned it. But I don’t think it was flammable." Wiggs then said she complained: "I kept pointing out that I was the only one with a fan blowing their hair & wasn’t that weird?"

On "Roi": "I was mucking around on the drums in Kim’s basement one day," recalls Wiggs, "playing this drum riff & a “jam” must have started (this doesn’t happen very often…) & Roi was the result... In the studio, I felt a bit self-conscious taking over the drum-stool from Jim—he is such a great drummer & I’m just a hack really." Kim Deal added that it's one of her favorite songs on the album and Kelly adds "I love how my strat and Kim’s gold top sound together on this song. Lovely and rackety."

On "Do You Love Me Now": Kim says, "I recorded these vocal with my head stuck under a piano lid with a weight on the foot pedals. I thought it sounded dreamier. "

On "Mad Lucas": McPherson said "I asked Kim if I could make these drums sound like the Charlie Brown Christmas album," while Kelly noted "Kim sang through my lovely Montgomery Ward tremolo amp." She also shared a picture of the amp:

On "S.O.S.": "dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot. The guitar lead is playing Morse code for SOS." - Kim Deal.

As for the iconic cover art, Kim recalls "[designer] Vaughan Oliver kept putting naughty bits on my albums; using a receptionist's areola in the typography for Safari, wearing a huge phallus for Pod... So the album is called Last Splash. 'Please, Vaughan.' 'Please don't put any ejaculations...nuthin!' 'I don't want any naughty bits on this.' 'How about a heart.' ❤ Vaughan Oliver 1957-2019."

There's lots more, including anecdotes from producer Mark Freegard and artwork co-designer Chris Bigg, and if you missed this on Sunday, you can check out the replay -- which "plays" the tweets in real time so you can listen and follow along -- over at Tim's Twitter Listening Party, and you can stream Last Splash and watch the videos for "Cannonball" below.

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