While the Brian Jonestown Massacre have not officially released anything since last year's excellent self-titled album, that doesn't mean Anton Newcombe has not been busy. He's actually been writing and recording as much as ever, and putting up songs as he finishes them on the BJM's YouTube channel. They're "work in progress" songs but most of them sound pretty finished, and pretty good.

So far this year he's released 37 songs on YouTube in a "work in progress 2020" playlist, including two this week. First he shared "The Light is About to Change" on Tuesday which has real spring in its step and feels genuinely upbeat. (Was this written after the election?) He followed that up later in the day with "The Carousel Swings" which Anton said was "written, performed and recorded today" and is a little trippier, angrier -- and may have been inspired by an Uber driver Anton encountered who was not wearing a mask.

UPDATE: Since our post went up, Anton let us know to expect more: "Another one coming tonight 😂 one a day, six days a week." He also adds "Released isn’t the term I would use being that I have a label that releases physical and digital - I’m basically sharing the process of my writing cycle in real time - unmixed but still real... an awful lot of this stuff will start going in the pipeline."

Check both of those out, along with the other 35 songs in the playlist, below.

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