We've been asking artists to tell us about their favorite music of 2022 and here's a list from The C.I.A., aka the trio of Denée SegallTy Segall and Emmett Kelly. All three contributed to the list, which includes new albums, reissues, singles, live performances and one film. Check out The C.I.A.'s list below.

The C.I.A. will release their second album, Surgery Channel, on January 20 via In the Red, and have a few live dates on their schedule, including a NYC show at TV Eye on March 26. All dates are listed, along with videos for two songs off the album, below.




Oog Bogo - Plastic (God? Records)
This album is objectively an A+. If anyone says otherwise know they are liars.

Kamikaze Palm Tree - Mint Chip (Drag CIty)
A band comprised of high quality humans who are also genuine freak lords. A winning
combination that permeates the music they make.

Triangle Of Sadness (Ruben Östlund)
The best film I saw in 2022. Bring a barf bag to the theater if you have a weak stomach.


Blod - Pilgrimssänger (discreet music)
Blod is the work of Gustaf Dicksson, who also is part of the record shop/label Discreet Music
based in Göteborg, Sweden. As with most of the music released by Discreet, it has a casual
home feeling that I cant describe really but ever since I found out about it, specifically this
record, I have been totally obsessed and listen to it almost exclusively. I highly recommend
everything coming out of this shop/label.

Jim Marlowe - Time Out On The Miracle Index (haha)
Marlowe is a Louisville, Kentucky musician who is part of a loose collection of musicians that
have birthed such bands as Tropical Trash, Equipment Pointed Ankh, Roadhouse and many
others as well as an engineer in End Of An Ear studio in Portland, Louisville. This is an
acousmatic collage of music recorded in that studio. Sort of like the soundtrack to a
nightmare, though one that you are oddly trying to stay inside.

Performances by Evicshen (worldwide)
Evicshen is the the performing moniker of sound artist/musician Victoria Shen. I first saw her
perform in December of 2021, but its during 2022 that I have made an issue to see as many
performances of hers as possible including a 16 channel fully immersive sound installation
performed in absolute darkness inside San Francisco’s mysterious Audium. She is possibly
a genius, but for me I feel as though she is a fearless performer who is doing exactly what
the world needs and is the rarest version of a deep diver into all things that make the brain

Performance by Moor Mother at Resident in Los Angeles, CA 7-8-22
I’ve seen Moor Mother before and as I am generally a hater of things everyone loves I went
in without the most open listening mind. What happened was that I was lured into a psychic
place that felt like a deeper region of a mushroom trip where I was confronted by the entirety
of the worlds pains and pleasures and this wild human expulsion of words, like a deep
psychic vomit. It was a short show, probably 20-25 minutes and it sounds crazy but I was
actually brought to tears.


Jacks - Vacant World reissue

Les Rallizes Dénudés - The Oz Tapes

Grave Flowers Bongo Band - "Sweeter People"


Jan 05: Los Angeles, CA - Zebulon
Mar 23: Portland, OR - Star Theater
Mar 24: Seattle, WA - Barboza
Mar 26: Ridgewood, NY - TV Eye
Mar 28: Chicago, IL - Empty Bottle

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