Australian indie rock vets The Cannanes have been together since 1984 developing a cult following thanks to tender, heart-on-sleeve lyrics and shambolic charm. The band's 1989 album A Love Affair With Nature is a great place to start, full of memorable melodies and that just-woke-up romanticism. Core members David Nichols (drums), Stephen O’Neil (guitar) and vocalist Fran Gibson all contributed great songs. Kurt Cobain was a fan, and if you like Belle & Sebastian, The Go-Betweens and Beat Happening, you should check this out.

You can do just that as A Love Affair With Nature is being reissued by Chapter Music on September 16 on picture disc vinyl, and the digital download comes with 13 bonus tracks. A digital-only version will be available too. We've got the premiere of "Vivienne":

Pre-orders (vinyl / digital) of A Love Affair With Nature are available now. Check out the picture disc artwork and full tracklist below.

The Cannanes - A Love Affair With Nature deluxe reissue tracklist
1. I Woke Up
2. Take Me To the Hotel Johanna (And Let's Trash the Joint)
3. Sound Of the City
4. Nuisance
5. Seatbelt
6. Move Some Things Around
7. Paper Bag
8. 52 Linthorpe Street
9. Blue Skies Over the Ocean
10. Vivienne 02:45
11. I Think the Weather's Affected Your Brain
12. Cardboard
13. Don't Let Her Ruin Your Life
14. Robert
15. Woe
16. Stories To Be Kept Under Lock and Key
17. Countdown
18. Queen's Hotel
19. Paper Bag (Live)
20. 1990 (Single Version)
21. Looking Glass
22. Simon
23. Marco Polo Suite