The Catenary Wires, the current group of indiepop royalty Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey (Talulah Gosh, Heavenly, Tender Trap), just released a new single, "Mirrorball," which is a boy-meets-girl tale about a couple of divorcees who fall for each other at an '80s-themed dance night. It's sweet, charming and, as you'll learn, a true life tale, and you can check that out below.

The 7" includes a digital bonus track -- a fun, low-key cover of The Human League's 1983 hit "(Keep Feeling) Fascination" that has the whole group trading off lines. "'Mirrorball’s lyric is based on the lives of a couple of friends of ours - both divorced, both a bit lonely - who attended one of those events," Amelia and Rob tell us. "They found the experience pretty dreadful - they hated those discos the first time round when they were kids – but then, they met each other. Suddenly those commercial pop hits didn’t sound so bad. They danced. They got married a year later."

"We found ourselves going on a similar journey," The Catenary Wire continue, "listening to lots of commercial hits from the 80s. At the time, we were snarky indie kids and didn’t like any of that stuff. But a lot of it sounds pretty good now. Another reason The Human League are good for us to cover is that we have a male singer with a low voice, and two female singers, one with short blonde hair, one with short dark hair. That’s probably where the resemblance ends, to be honest, but 'Fascination' is a great song and we wanted to give it a go. Andy Lewis (our bassist and producer) decided we should only use analogue instruments, eg having a melodica play the main melody."

The "Fascination" cover premieres in this post -- listen below.

Meanwhile, The Catenary Wires will be cohosting the How Does It Feel virtual indie disco on March 27 which kicks off at 6 PM Eastern. Amelia and Rob have reached out to some of their friends -- including Stephin Merritt & Claudia Gonson (Magnetic Fields), Pete Astor (The Loft), Elizabeth Morris (Allo Darlin'), and more for their favorite '80s tunes. "Everyone, anywhere in the world, is invited," they say. "The playlist starts off with ‘proper’ 80s disco, and includes some songs that are genuinely hellish. But most of it will make you smile, and will make you dance. It really wasn’t so bad back then." It's free and you can learn more here.

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