The Chambers Brothers bassist/singer George Chambers passed away on Friday, October 12. He was 88. The Chambers Brothers broke the news on Facebook, writing:

To all our fans, friends and loved ones, I was informed this morning at about 5:00 am, that my brother George, known as "Pops" Chambers has passed. We thank you for all your years of Love Peace and Happiness.

No cause of death has been given at this time.

The Chambers Brothers were active recording artists from the mid '60s through 1975, and were influential on the development of both psychedelic rock and psychedelic soul. They're best known for "Time Has Come Today," which was originally released as a two-minute, forty-second version in 1966, but an expanded 11-minute version came out the following year and it was that version that cemented the band's legacy. Though they stopped recording in 1975, they reunited for live performances over the years.

Rest in peace, George. You'll be missed and you'll always live on through the music.