With the coronavirus outbreak causing many people to stay at home as much as possible, we’ve been asking musicians what's been keeping them busy while in isolation, and this list comes from Tim Burgess of The Charlatans. One thing he's doing is organizing online listening parties via Twitter for classic albums from the likes of Blur, Oasis, Slowdive, The Flaming Lips, Cocteau Twins, Suede and more with members of the bands participating. (There's one for The Charlatans' Between 10th & 11th on April 5.) He talks a bit about that, plus tells us what books, TV shows and music he's been digging during this weird time for all of us. Check out his list with commentary below.

Tim also has a solo album, I Love the New Sky, out on May 22 via Bella Union. You can watch the video for "The Mall" below.

Tim Burgess - What am I doing while self isolating

Broken Greek by Pete Paphides
I am just about the same age as Pete give or take a couple of years so it’s a fantastic trip down memory lane, even though it's someone else’s life.

Winnie The Pooh
With the time off I am spending valuable time with my 6 year old son. We love reading Winnie The Pooh together and these are times I will really treasure.

Netflix & Chill
Thanks to having so much time on our hands and Netflix I’ll be able to go on mastermind with the specialist subject of bands that I hardly knew a thing about a few weeks ago: Chicago and ZZ Top to name but two.

Disney Channel - The Mandalorian
Been trying to get this for ages and it came at just the right time for early evening viewing. Baby Yoda is my new hero.

I live in a quiet village and have been going for walks as part of my government sanctioned exercise, I never used to go for walks but now I am really enjoying them and they’ll be something I keep up when things get back to ‘normal’.

Listening parties
To pass the time I started doing album listening parties on twitter and they seem to have become quite a thing – it’s a shared listening experience and we've managed to get members of Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, Ride, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Cocteau Twins and loads of others to guide us through one of their albums track by track. Aside from everything else just listening to an album in its entirety is something of a novelty these days come and join us on twitter

The Cure – Pornography
I was late to The Cure game but I became a disciple when I found them and they found me
The album that got me was The Top but the one I listen to most now is Pornography, probably an album you should go out and buy as googling "Pornography "might lead to trouble.

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