Good news for fans of classic New Zealand pop. The Chills' seminal singles compilation, Kaleidoscope World, which has been out of print for eons, is getting reissued by Flying Nun on August 19. Originally released it 1986, it culled The Chills' non-LP singles, including some of their best-loved songs ("Pink Frost," "Rolling Moon," "Doledrums") but the reissue will pull from the 1989 CD release which more than doubled its tracklist (and included more classics, like "I Love My Leather Jacket"). There will be even more this time, with six more songs, including unreleased demos and live tracks from the era. You can listen to one of those, an early version of "Oncoming Day" (which would later surface on 1990's Submarine Bells), below.

The Kaleidoscope World reissue comes as gatefold double-vinyl as well as a double CD. Check out artwork, tracklist and a YouTube stream of the 1989 CD, below.

The Chills were just in the NYC area for two shows, their first in 20 years. Let's hope they return sooner than later.

Kaleidoscope World Tracklist
1. Kaleidoscope World
2. Satin Doll
3. Frantic Drift
4. Rolling Moon
5. Bite
6. Flame Thrower
7. Pink Frost
8. Purple Girl
9. This Is The Way
10. Never Never Go
11. Don't Even Know Her Name
12. Bee Bah Bee Bah Bee Boe
13. Whole Weird World
14. Dream By Dream
15. Doledrums
16. Hidden Bay
17. I Love My Leather Jacket
18. The Great Escape
19. Oncoming Day (Early Version)
20. Dan Destiny and The Silver Dawn (Unplugged)
21. Martyns Doctor Told Me
22. I’ll Only See You Alone Again
23. Green Eyed Owl (Live)
24. Smile From A Dead Dead Face (Live)