New Zealand indie rock greats The Chills will release a new album Scatterbrain, in May. They've just shared new single "Destiny," one of the band's more anthemic, songs which has frontman Martin Phillipps wondering about the role of fate. “As I'm facing mortality and lurching closer to the grave I get to wondering how much of my predicament is the fault of my own designs and how much has been influenced by forces beyond my control," says Phillipps. You can listen to that below.

You can also watch a video of The Chills playing it live back in December at the Festival Of Lights in New Plymouth, New Zealand. (Having been very proactive about the coronavirus, NZ is back to having regular shows.) The entire Festival of Lights performance is being released as a streaming special, "Worlds Within Worlds," on March 31 at 3 PM ET. Tickets are on sale now and you can check out the poster -- and the band's Festival of Lights setlist -- below.

The Chills - Noon Chorus poster

The Chills @ Pukekura Park, New Plymouth, New Zealand 12/27/2020
Night of Chill Blue
Bad Sugar
The Male Monster From the Id
Wet Blanket
The Oncoming Day
Little Alien
Kaleidoscope World
You're Immortal
Pink Frost
Lord of All I Survey
Heavenly Pop Hit
I Love My Leather Jacket

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