The second season of The Chris Gethard Show on Fusion begins this Wednesday (3/30) at 10 PM, with comedian Colin Quinn and abstract rapper Kool Keith joining for the episode. They're taping the episode tonight (3/24) at 8 PM, and you can stream the taping live via Gethard's Facebook. Chris says:

Hello la famiglia –

Gethard here. Long time no see. I hope you’re good. Sincerely, I hope you are personally well and that things are going great.

And if not? I got your back, The Chris Gethard Show is back.

This show refuses to go away. And I can’t thank you guys enough for that. There’s been so many times where it’s been on its last leg and it keeps limping along until it finds its footing again.

And now it returns for season two on a real network. Thank you. A million times over.

And I can promise you this – I’ve never had more confidence in this show than I do right now, today, the moment I am writing this. Preparation for season two has felt completely relaxed and airtight and like a real television show. It no longer feels like we’re praying for a shot, or begging to stick around – we’re here, we’ve been doing this for seven years, and we’re going to throw down our way.

There are a few things about the show I want to put out there to hopefully get you excited. This is stuff I’m excited about, and I hope you are too –

We’re back to an hour. (Well, with commercials 43 minutes.) But no more of this super tightly edited 22 minutes nonsense. You guys spoke, the network heard you, let’s throw down old school style with an hour.

Phones are back. Skype is cool, but phones are chaos. Call in. I want the spontaneity and anonymity back. Bring on the Sudos. Bring on the Jack Klugmans. Phones, baby.

No more monologues. I’m not good at them, they’re part of what I hate about late night, and I wish I never did em last year. (There will be something new edited into the full episodes that I’m actually excited about in their stead…) But on our live broadcast – no more watching me try to get away with a monologue, a lot more of me leading the charge on the fun.

If you’re an old school fan of the show, I hope those three things alone have you chomping at the bit as much as have me doing so. I’m ready to rock. Ready to make you guys proud. I can’t promise it will be good – I can promise it will go down swinging.

Read more here. Watch a nw season 2 trailer below:


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