The Thrown-Ups at Am-Rep 25th Anniversary (more by Taylor Keahey)

The previously discussed documentary on Haze XXL and Amphetamine Reptile Record is underway, but it needs your help. The Color of Noise is currently seeking funding to aid in the release, which the filmmakers will use to put the finishing touches on the film and take it on the festival circuit.

For the unfamiliar:

The Color of Noise is a full-length documentary about the artist Haze XXL (Tom Hazelmyer) and his label Amphetamine Reptile Records. Bands such as The Melvins, Helmet, Unsane, Boss Hog and Today Is The Day have either got their start with AmRep, or appear as regular guests on the label. From 1986-1998 Amrep often hired many upcoming graphic and street artists to create posters for shows, releases and tours. Some of those artists were Shepard Fairey, Frank Kozik, Coop and Ed Fotheringham- all who have become quite successful in their careers. This documentary will tell the story of Tom's early life as a hard core punk eventually joining the Marine Corp and moving on to playing in bands and starting his own label, Amphetamine Reptile Records.

Head to their Kickstarter to contribute if interested, they are currently one day into the drive who's goal is $18k.

On the subject of AmRep bands, did you see that The Melvins are going trying to break the Guinness World Record for "Fastest Tour of the U.S. by a Band"?

Trailer for The Color of Noise is below.

The Color of Noise - Trailer

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