UK band The Creation only lasted two years ('66-'68), only managed one Top 40 hit ("Painter Man") and never made a proper album.  The band's brash, riffy sound -- as recorded by Shel Talmy (The Who, The Kinks) -- though, has proved influential in the 50 years since. You can hear them in The Jam, and Alan McGee named both his label (Creation) and group (Biff Bang Pow) after them. (Ride covered "How Does it Feel to Feel" on their third album for Creation, Carnival of Light.) These days, The Creation may best be known for "Making Time," used so memorably in the opening credits of Wes Anderson's Rushmore.

The fine folks at influential reissue label The Numero Group are hoping to raise The Creation's profile with Action Painting, the first-ever collection of the band's entire recorded output. Shel Talmy has remastered all 42 tracks from the original tapes, and there are some new stereo mixes on songs where previously unavailable. There are also previously unreleased tracks and four cuts from pre-Creation band The Mark Four. We've got the premiere of one of those new stereo mixes, their classic "How Does it Feel to Feel" and you can stream it below.

Action Painting will be out March 17 on The Numero Group. Preorders are available now and you can check out artwork, tracklist and trailer below.



The Creation - Action Painting tracklist:

Disc 1
1 Making Time
2 Try and Stop Me
4 Biff Bang Pow
5 Sylvette (edit)
6 If I Stay Too Long
7 Nightmares
8 Life Is Just Beginning
9 Through My Eyes
10 How Does It Feel to Feel
11 Tom Tom
12 Can I Join Your Band
13 Midway Down
14 The Girls Are Naked
15 Bonie Maronie
17 For All That I Am
18 Uncle Bert
19 Cool Jerk
20 I Am the Walker
21 Ostrich Man
22 Sweet Helen
23 How Does It Feel to Feel (US version)

Disc 2
1 THE MARK FOUR - Hurt Me If You Will
2 THE MARK FOUR - I’m Leaving
3 THE MARK FOUR - Work All Day (Sleep All Night)
4 THE MARK FOUR - Going Down Fast
5 How Does It Feel to Feel (US version) New stereo mix
6 Biff Bang Pow New stereo mix
7 For All That I Am New stereo mix
8 Can I Join Your Band New stereo mix
9 Through My Eyes New stereo mix
10 Tom Tom New stereo mix
11 Midway Down New stereo mix
12 Nightmares New stereo mix
13 Life Is Just Beginning New stereo mix
14 Painter Man New stereo mix
15 If I Stay Too Long New stereo mix
16 How Does It Feel To Feel (UK version) New stereo mix
17 Cool Jerk New stereo mix
18 Hey Joe New stereo mix
19 Like a Rolling Stone New stereo mix
20 Making Time (backing track) take 1 Previously unissued
21 Sylvette (full length)
22 Instrumental 1
23 How Does It Feel to Feel (version 1) (backing track - Previously unissued

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