The Cribs are back with their first album in three years, Night Network, which will be out November 13 via PIAS. This is the first album the three Jarman brothers have produced entirely themselves, and recorded it at Foo Fighters' 606 Studios in Los Angeles. The record also features a reunion with Lee Ranaldo -- who provided spoken word to their 2007 song "Be Safe" -- who plays guitar and provides backing vocals on "I Don’t Know Who I Am."

The first single from the album is "Running Into You," which is as anthemic as you'd expect from The Cribs. Watch the video, and check out album art and tracklist, below.

Lee Ranaldo and The Cribs reunited virtually for a new version of "Be Safe" they made during quarantine.

the cribs - night network

Night Network tracklist:
1. Goodbye
2. Running Into You
3. Screaming In Suburbia
4. Never Thought I’d Feel Again
5. Deep Infatuation
6. I Don’t Know Who I Am (feat. Lee Ranaldo)
7. She’s My Style
8. Under The Bus Station Clock
9. The Weather Speaks Your Name
10. Siren Sing-Along
11. Earl & Duke
12. In The Neon Night

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