The Cure are in NYC this weekend, playing three sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden (actually a few tickets are still available for Sunday, June 19) with The Twilight Sad. For those who didn't get tickets -- and for those who still need more -- there are a few after-show parties and related events happening this weekend.

There are Cure after-show parties happening Saturday at Slake (tickets) and Sunday at American Whiskey (tickets) both of which are just a block or two from MSG. Each night multiple rooms, one of which will spin all-Cure, and another playing classic alternative. Flyers and full details for both parties are below.

Reoccurring '80s-alt party Feeling Gloomy happens at soon-to-close Grand Victory in Williamsburg on Saturday. This one is actually with a Morrissey/Smiths theme (if you've just come from a three-hour Cure show, maybe you want some different kinds of similar music) but I'd bet they'll drop in "Love Cats" or something. $6 at the door (party starts at 11 PM).

Tonight, meanwhile, at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn is "Why Can’t I Be You?: Cure Videography in the 1980s, an illustrated lecture and party with Andi Harriman." Harriman is the author of Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace: A Worldwide Compendium of Postpunk and Goth in the 1980s and will go through The Cure's many iconic videos, almost all of which were directed by Tim Pope. Afterwards it's a dance party with DJs Tim Nosebleed, Mike Polnasek, and Jeff Ogiba. Unfortunately this one is sold out but Harriman will host a "Goth 101" lecture at Morbid Anatomy Museum on July 14 and tickets are available.

What else? Flyers and party details are below.


Three floors of revelry featuring...
--DJs Patrick (SALVATION, the Bank, Albion/Batcave), Sean Templar (The Red Party, Underworld), and DJ Ultra V (RockEM SockEM NYC) spinning all Cure, all night in the Propaganda room.
--DJs Hi-Fi Hillary (Disko Nouveaux, Wierd, Contempt NY), SubVert (Contempt NY, Labyrinth) & Zvetschka (SYNTHICIDE, Defcon) spinning classic alternative in the Red Room.
--DJs Andi Harriman (author of The Postpunk Project: Some Wear Leather, Some Wear Lace and producer of SYNTHICIDE) & Jeffo! (Zenwarp, Dorian Gray) spinning an anything-goes mix of 80s, new wave, synth, and postpunk in the Mainspace.
Cure-centric Visuals by Xris SMack!'s Video Lab (Stimulate, SMack


TWO FLOORS to keep you spinning on that dizzy edge...
up in THE TOP:
• DJ CEREMONY (A Night Like This, Oscillate Wildly)
• DJ Xris SMack! (Stimulate, SMack!) spin a Cure-heavy mix of new wave, 80s, and alternative dance floor classics.

• DJ Ian Ford (The Bank, Albion/BatCave, Webster Hall, Splash, XL) spins all Cure, all night!