Following up 2018's Evil Spirits, The Damned are back with a new EP titled The Rockfield Files on October 16.

If you're wondering about the title of the EP, beyond the punny nod to the '70s James Garner private eye series, the band say, "In 1980 / 1981, The Damned went to Rockfield for a series of sessions that eventually became The Black Album, The Friday 13th EP & Strawberries. Their time there produced some of the Damned’s greatest musical moments and memorable stories of horses, cows, vampires, rifles and Lemmy. In 2019 The Damned returned to Rockfield studios to record the first new music since 2018’s Top Ten 'Evil Spirits' album."

New single "Manipulator" definitely sounds like Black Album-era Damned to us. Check that song out, along with the EP art, tracklist and another song off the EP, below.


1. Keep 'em Alive
2. Manipulator
3. The Spider & The Fly
4. Black Is The Night (Extended)