The Damned are releasing a new career-encompassing anthology, titled Black is the Night, that's out November 1 via BMG. This "definitive best of" is a four-LP / two-CD set that goes from "Love Song" through tracks from last year's Tony Visconti-produced Evil Spirits. It's also got a new song which gives the compilation its title. "Black is the Night" is a quintessential Damned song, where gothy drama meets Spaghetti Western, falling somewhere between "Wait for the Blackout," "Thanks for the Night" and their cover of Love's "Alone Again Or." You can listen to "Black is the Night," and check out the comp's tracklist, below.

Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible and the rest of The Damned will be in NYC this month to open for Misfits at Madison Square Garden on October 19 with Rancid also on the bill. Danzig says "No more Misfits shows after MSG" -- tickets are still available.

Black is the Night tracklist:
Love Song
Wait For The Blackout
I Just Can't Be Happy Today
Bad Time For Bonzo
White Rabbit
Melody Lee
Smash It Up Pt 1 & 2
New Rose
Machine Gun Etiquette
Neat Neat Neat
Stretcher Case Baby (produced by Shel Talmy)
Sick Of Being Sick (produced by Shel Talmy))
Born To Kill
Rabid (Over You)
Problem Child
1 Of The 2
So Messed Up
Disco Man
Fan Club
Plan 9 Channel 7
Grimly Fiendish
The Shadow Of Love
.The History Of The World (Part 1)
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Streets Of Dreams
Curtain Call
Alone Again Or
Lively Arts
Standing On The Edge Of Tomorrow
Stranger On The Town
Fun Factory (previously deleted feat. Robert Fripp)
Under The Floor Again
Black Is The Night