Dead Milkmen

Legendary punk wiseasses The Dead Milkmen have been plenty active lately, having toured earlier this year, and now they're set to release a new album. It follows 2011's The King in Yellow, which was their first album since 1995, and is called Pretty Music For Pretty People, due out October 7. The video (dir. Brian Siano) for the title track is out now and as you might expect it's terrifically weird and highly sarcastic. Check it out, with the album tracklist (including a song called "Hipster Beard"), below. That's the album artwork above. Tour dates TBA soon.


The Dead Milkmen - "Pretty Music for Pretty People" (via Stereogum)

1. Pretty Music For Pretty People
2. Big Words Make The Baby Jesus Cry
3. Welcome To Undertown
4. Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog
5. Make It Witchy
6. Mary Ann Cotton (The Poisoner'S Song)
7. I'Ve Got To Get My Numbers Up
8. Anthropology Days
9. Somewhere Over Antarctica
10. Dark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch
11. Streetlamps - Walking To Work
12. The Sun Turns Our Patio Into A Lifeless Hell
13. The Great Boston Molasses Flood
14. All You Need Is Nothing
15. Ronald Reagan Killed The Black Dahlia
16. Hipster Beard
17. Sanitary Times

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