Philly punk legends The Dead Milkmen have announced Quaker City Quiet Pills, the band's first album since 2014, which will be out June 9 via The Giving Groove. “To me, it’s like a greatest hits of all our styles put into one album,” says guitarist/vocalist Joe Jack Talcum. “It checks all the boxes of things that fans have liked about us since our first album. It has political satire. It has the funny lyrics, the simpler punk songs like we started out with. But it also has room for some weird studio fun."

The last nine years have provided Joe and Rodney Anonymous with lots of targets for their satirical ammo, and titles include "We Are (Clearly Not) The Master Race," "The New York Guide to Art," and "How Do You Even Manage To Exist" (about indecisive fast food customers). The band have shared the album's opening song, "Grandpa’s Not A Racist (He Just Voted For One)," a signature Dead Milkmen jangly punk number with Anonymous spewing lines like "Grandpa's screaming something about white genocide / As he crawls under the bed looking for someplace to hide / He talks a lot of bullshit when he's hittin' the rum / But we know Grandpa's not a racist - he just voted for one."

Listen to that below.

dead milkmen quaker city pills

Quaker City Quiet Pills:
1. Grandpa’s Not A Racist (He Just Voted For One)
2. Philadelphia Femdom
3. Musical Chairs
4. The King of Sick
5. Albert Square
6. Astral Dad
7. We Have Always Lived in The Compound
8. We Are (Clearly Not) The Master Race
9. How Do You Even Manage To Exist
10. God Wrote Cum Junkie
11. Hen’s Teeth and Goofa Dust
12. Melt Into The Night
13. The New York Guide to Art

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