The Decemberists' Colin Meloy has released a new solo acoustic song, and it's called "Slint, Spiderland." Colin and NPR explain:

"It's one of those songs I don't think I ever really intended for public consumption," Colin Meloy says. "Sometimes you kind of scratch these things down to capture a moment, or some sort or observation of a moment."

[...] While on breaks from from the book he's currently writing, Meloy killed time by watching Breadcrumb Trail, a documentary about the making of the band Slint's 1991 album Spiderland, and thought about the weirdness of it all.

"I don't know that it particularly spoke to the current moment in any way other than it felt completely disconnected from it," the artist says. "Thing is about the lockdown and the quarantine, once we got past the initial [concerns] — like, how to get food, how to teach our kids and do our jobs at the same time — once that pattern had emerged, our lives as a stay-at-home writer and a stay-at-home illustrator were sort of bizarrely normal. ... And so I think that was the moment: 'Here I am getting lost in watching this documentary. Meanwhile, this thing is happening outside.'"

It's a gorgeous song, as you can hear for yourself right here:


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