The Degenerics came out of the '90s New Brunswick punk scene, having released two EPs that decade followed by their sole full length, Generica, in 2000. They counted Nate Gluck from Ensign and other bands as a member (who was reported to be officially cancer free in 2015), and guitarist Frank Piegaro also later joined Ensign and Star Fucking Hipsters, whose 2009 album featured a Degenerics cover. The Degenerics have been chronicled in Ronen Kauffman's book New Brunswick, New Jersey, Goodbye: Bands, Dirty Basements, and the Search for Self (Ronen also wrote liner notes for them), shouted out as a favorite by Dave Witte (of fellow NJ band Burnt By The Sun) and Stormshadow, and Joe Steinhardt of New Brunswick's Don Giovanni Records called Generica "A serious NJ classic and personal top 5 all time punk LP." Don Giovanni released the band's final 7" in 2005, and they're giving Generica an expanded reissue on November 3, featuring a 7" with a previously-unreleased track. Here's what the label writes about The Degenerics:

The Degenerics were a DIY hardcore punk band from New Brunswick, New Jersey, active from 1996 to 2008. The band quickly gained a loyal following along the eastern seaboard and beyond by playing intensely energetic live shows that encouraged audience members to adopt a Positive Mental Attitude. The band’s music is rooted in hardcore punk with heavy metal, reggae, and rock and roll influences overlaid by raw and emotive vocals expressing vehement opposition to authority and societal rules. The band released two EP’s in the late 90’s that were followed by their definitive statement, the Generica LP, in 2000. The Degenerics were a major, influential force in the regional punk scene from New York City’s renowned venue ABC NO RIO to the Jersey Shore. Their distinctive musical style inspired diverse bands such as Tear It Up, Down In Flames, The Measure (SA), and Thursday. The Degenerics shared the stage with contemporary acts such as Anti Flag, Avail, Murphy’s Law, Aus Rotten, Raw Power, Agnostic Front, and Violent Society, among others.

You can hear "Downpressors" from the reissue below.

The Degenerics haven't played in a while (we don't know their exact last show, but they did open for Rorschach in NYC in 2009), but they've got a NYC show happening one day after the reissue comes out. It's at Brooklyn Bazaar (11/4) and a good bill all around, with Citizens Arrest (who last played the same venue in June), ’90s-era Connecticut punks The Pist, Jersey Shore’s Nervous Triggers (mem Hunchback, Black Wine, Brick Mower), and one of Mikey Erg‘s many bands, Hatrabbits. Listen to all the bands on the bill with the flyer below:

Degenerics Citizens Arrest

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