The Dismemberment Plan @ Galaxy Hut, Virginia - Jan 15, 2011 (by Jeffrey Martin)
Dismemberment Plan

Michael Jackson would have to rise from the grave and release a new album as good as "Off the Wall" for another music story to generate as much breathless hype around these parts as the reunion of the Dismemberment Plan, the beloved, wildly inventive D.C. indie art-punk-funk quartet...

No one wept with joy that I saw, and a few 30-somethings groused that standing at concerts hurts more than it used to. But from the moment frontman Travis Morrison spoke the Plan's friendly battle cry - "We're the Dismemberment Plan, and we're from Washington, D.C." - the crowd seemed to ripple as one organism for the whole of the loose, 110-minute set. Pleading the flu, bassist Eric Axelson spent a good chunk of the show sitting down, but rallied to his feet for "Do the Standing Still," an indictment of too-cool-for-school, arms-folded show watchers. -[The Washington Post]

The Dismemberment Plan reunion tour is underway! After playing a small private show at Galaxy Hut in Arlignton, VA on 1/15 (pictured above), the band made an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon followed by three hometown DC shows: first at the smaller Black Cat on Friday (1/21) followed by two at 9:30 Club (1/22, 1/23).

Last night the band played Philly. Tonight they're in Boston, and the band will make their NYC return on Saturday and Sunday with two sold-out shows at Webster Hall (UPDATE: back on sale).

All remaining tour dates, video of the two songs they played on Fallon, videos from DC including one that shows the stage PACKED with dancing crowd members for the encore, the Philly setlist and more below...

Batala opening for DP on 1/22/11

Dismemberment Plan: What Do You Want Me to Say (1/20/11 on Fallon)

The Dismemberment Plan - "The City" 1/20 Fallon (note Portlandia in the seats)

The Dismemberment Plan - "The Ice of Boston" 1/21/11 @ Black Cat

The Dismemberment Plan - "Ellen and Ben" 1/21/11 @ Black Cat

The Dismemberment Plan - "Gyroscope" 1/21/11 @ Black Cat

The Dismemberment Plan - Ice of Boston - Encore - Live 9:30 Club

The Dismemberment Plan Concert at Starlight Ballroom, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Setlist on January 27, 2011

A Life of Possibilities
Ellen and Ben
If I Don't Write
Spider in the Snow
Memory Machine
What Do You Want Me to Say?
Pay for the Piano
Time Bomb
The Other Side
Back and Forth
Do the Standing Still
The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
Girl O' Clock
OK, Joke's Over

The Ice of Boston
You Are Invited
The City
That's When the Party Started
I Love a Magician

01/21/11 Fri Washington, DC Black Cat w/ Bluebrain, Tereu Tereu
01/22/11 Sat Washington, DC 930 Club w/ Poor But Sexy, Batala
01/23/11 Sun Washington, DC 930 Club w/ Office of Future Plans, Fulton Lights
01/27/11 Thu Philadelphia, PA The Starlight Ballroom w/ Cymbals Eat Guitars,Trophy Wife
01/28/11 Fri Boston, MA Paradise w/ Certainly, Sir, The Forms
01/29/11 Sat New York, NY Webster Hall w/ Poor But Sexy
01/30/11 Sun New York, NY Webster Hall w/ Jukebox The Ghost, Bells
02/07/11 Mon Kyoto City, Kyoto w/ TBA Taku-Taku
02/08/11 Tue Aichi, Nagoya w/ Mudy on the Sakuban Apollo Theater
02/09/11 Wed Shibuya, Tokyo *one band show O-Nest
02/13/11 Sun Shibuya, Tokyo w/ TBA O-West
02/19/11 Sat Chicago, IL Metro w/ Kid You'll Move Mountains
02/20/11 Sun Chicago, IL Metro w/ Maritime, The Forms
03/12/11 Sat Seattle, WA Showbox SoDo

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