The Ergs! were able to play a couple rare shows in December before the Omicron surge (they had to cancel their Brooklyn date), and they had copies of their new Dirtnap Records 7" Time and the Season at those shows. Now, the 7" is set to get a wider release on January 21 (pre-order) and one song is streaming now, "Ultimate Falsetto Book." It's one of two original songs on the EP (the other two are '60s covers, and one is presumably The Zombies' "Time of the Season"), and it's a catchy pop punk ripper that sounds like classic Ergs. Listen below.

The Ergs will remain active this year, and are set to play the Dirtnap Records 22 year anniversary show in June. They also recently revealed that Creep Records will be putting out the first-ever 12" vinyl pressing of the "Okay, Enough Reminiscing." Hindsight Is 20/20 My Friend, Volume Two compilation, and that they have a new "country-ish" EP called Renovations coming via Wallride Records. Stay tuned for more on all that. Update: Renovations is up for pre-order.

1. Ultimate Falsetto Book
2. Say You're Sorry
3. Half Empty Strip Mall
4. Time Of The Season

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