Fiery Furnaces "The new Fiery Furnaces album had its release date pushed back several times and endured several name changes before it ultimately became Rehearsing My Choir. I’m still not sure I understand this brother and sister duo’s way of thinking, but the album (once entitled Garfield El, which happens to be a track on the album) is here, and brings with it a new addition to the band’s lineup. The concept album is based loosely on the life of this new bandmate. Grandmother, Olga Sarantos, lends her voice, talents, and rich background to the album." [Get the MP3 at Media Vulture]

Miss Modern Age called this album "an unlistenable piece of recorded performance art." The Furnaces' biggest fan agreed in her comments. Solace hates it too.

At the risk of being called "an a**hole" by Miss Modernage, I'll say I like what I've heard so far. It's not party music, but it seems to work really well in my headphones. If I drove to work, it would probably be good in the car - like a book on tape. It's probably really good on drugs...or really scary. (note: I haven't listened to the whole thing yet)

Stream the whole album at Amazon (or so they claim, I can't get it to work)

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