Luna Lounge (on the Lower East Side of Manhattan) closes on June 11th forever (until they reopen in a new Williamsburg, Brooklyn location). In my Gothamist post yesterday, I said Motel Creeps were playing the final show. In fact, it's The Picture.
Here's the schedule:

Tuesday June 7th
7:30pm Linus Belle 8:30pm dead city radio 9:30pm James Day Ensemble
Wednesday June 8th
8:30pm Actualities 9:30pm Killin Time 10:30pm The K's
Thursday June 9th
8:30pm West 9:30pm Bamboo Kids 10:30pm The Everyothers 11:30pm Electrajet
Friday June 10th
8:30pm Speedway 9:30pm The Great Shakes 10:30pm Condo 11:30pm Morning Theft
Saturday June 11th
8:30pm Todd Deatherage 9:30pm The WMDs 10:30pm Arbor Day 11:30pm Motel Creeps 12:30am The Picture

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