If you were not among the lucky few that got one of the 100 tickets available for The Flaming Lips' space-bubble concert at Oklahoma City's The Criterion on December 11, the band have some good news: more shows are being added. Frontman Wayne Coyne wrote on Instagram, "Please Please Please DO NOT buy any of the scalper tickets!! More shows WILL be added.. for now I believe NEW show on December 10th will be announced on Monday .. maybe tickets go on sale Tuesday.. and looking to January 15th and 16th of 2021 for more Space Bubble shows here at Criterion."

There's been no official word on those new shows yet, but you can check the Criteron's website for updates. Of course, if there are three new shows, that's still only 300 tickets available, though each space bubble ticket is good for up to three people. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: The 12/10 Criterion show has been announced and tickets go on sale today (11/17) at 10 AM Central Time.

Meanwhile, Wayne has posted a new video where he says that they think it will be a 75-minute show, and answers questions like "How long can a person stay in a space bubble before it runs out of oxygen?," "What if you have to use the restroom?," the possibly related "Can I get a drink once I'm inside the space bubble?," "How will the space bubbles be cleaned after the show?" and more. You can watch that below.

Read our interview with Wayne about the space bubble shows and The Flaming Lips' new album American Head.

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