The Flaming Lips have shared a third track from their upcoming 16th album, American Head. Like "Flowers of Neptune 6" and "My Religion is You," "Dinosaurs on the Mountain" has strong Soft Bulletin / Yoshimi vibes, in that mellow psych orchestra way. "I wish dinosaurs were still here now, it would be fun to see them play up on the mountain," is a very Wayne Coyne kind of wish.

The video for "Dinosaurs on the Mountain" looks like it was shot at the same time as their "Race for the Prize" Colbert performance, shot live (or at least live-ish) with the band and audience all in their own protective bubbles. Watch that below.

American Head is out September 11 via Warner Brothers. For those planning even further ahead, The Flaming Lips will play Psycho Las Vegas 2021.

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