The Flaming Lips have just shared a gorgeous new single, "Flowers of Neptune 6," that recalls the dreamier moments of The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. It also features Kacey Musgraves on harmony vocals. “‘Flowers Of Neptune 6’ track started off as a very evocative series of melodies that Steven Drozd had woven together," says Wayne Coyne. "The first time he played it for me I was stunned by its emotional flow. The 3 sections (well they seem like sections to me) seemed to hint at an older, mature mind reflecting back into a journey from younger innocence then starting to learn and understand and keeps going into the panic of becoming one with the world. The opening lyric ‘Yellow sun is going down so slow...Doing acid and watching the light-bugs glow like tiny spaceships in a row... is the coolest thing I’ll ever know'...and is a combination of blissful, innocent, psychedelic experiences that Steven and Kacey Musgraves (she sings harmony with me on the track) and myself all discussed.”

The video, meanwhile, is both peak pandemic and peak Flaming Lips. Wayne's giant bubble has probably never been more handy and the accompanying touches takes a underliner and a highlighter to it. Watch it below.

The Lips say we can "expect more details soon" of new music. They released the excellent The King’s Mouth: Music And Songs last year.

Meanwhile, Wayne has also made a new Flaming Lips t-shirt you can buy in their store that is what he thinks a Lips show might look like during COVID-19:

lips covid shirt

And here's what Flaming Lips shows used to look like (and may still):

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