The Flaming Lips have been working on performing space bubble concerts, with both the band and audience members sealed up in giant plastic balls. "I mean, it seems absurd, but we at first were just doing it as not a joke, but just as a kind of funny thing, and now it's becoming kind of serious and real," Wayne Coyne told us earlier this month, adding, "I'm not suggesting the whole world should do it this way. I'm just saying the Flaming Lips can try it this way."

And they are trying it, actively. Earlier this month, Wayne posted a picture of an Oklahoma City venue where deflated space balls were positioned out on the floor, and The Flaming Lips put it into action on Monday night. The venue was The Criterion and it was primarily to shoot a new video, but also served as a test run for how space bubble concerts might play out. Wayne posted video of him atop a sea of space-bubbled audience members at the venue as a dance remix of American Head track "Assassins of Youth" pumped in the background. He also posted a floor decal the band made that read "The Flaming Lips ask you to please wear masks when not in the space bubble."

Current Flaming Lips drummers Matt Duckworth and Nic Ley (aka Brothers Griiin) posted a picture from the stage, writing, "It’s really happening!" while an attendee on Instragram wrote, "this was actually for his music video. He wants to do a concert like this soon so it was also his test run."

Wayne has said they're still working out all the logistics and that the concerts wouldn't happen till sometime after election day. Stay tuned. Check out the video Wayne posted, plus a few more Instagrams from the space bubble shoot, below.

Read our interview with Wayne where he talks more about space bubble concerts, The Flaming Lips' great new album, and more.

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