The Gaslight Anthem took to Twitter to respond to reports of sexual misconduct in the audience of their shows. "To our Gaslight family," they write, "we've been angered and saddened to hear reports of sexual assault and harassment in the audience at our shows. From the very beginning of this band, we have strived to create a positive and safe environment for our fans--and this kind of abhorrent behavior can not and will not be tolerated at our shows. It's clear that this disturbing trend is on the rise in our industry, and that ignoring or dismissing the problem sends a very clear message to perpetrators that they can get away with their behavior. As a result, we want to help to shine a light on the issue and ask our fans to do the same. We’ve reached out to the authorities and the venues that were involved in these incidents." The band go on to highlight Safe Gigs for Women as one of "a number of amazing organizations raising awareness and providing education around this problem," and ask, "if you see something please say something, get involved, and help however you can. We want everyone looking out for each other."

The band did not specify a specific incident that prompted their statement. However, a Facebook user named Katie Marie posted an account of her experience at The Gaslight Anthem's August 18 show at The Stone Pony. "Tonight at the Gaslight Anthem show that I’ve been waiting for for months, I was sexually attacked," she wrote. "A white male I couldn’t identify put his hand down my shirt and grabbed my breast." She says she spoke to venue security and filed a police report. She also tweeted at the band mentioning the incident.