San Diego's self-described "homo riot hardcore punks" The Gay Agenda formed in 2017, released a self-titled EP in 2018, and now they're releasing their first full-length album, Penetrating, on June 5 via La Escalara Records (pre-order). We're premiering the song "Homo Riot," which features guest screams by fellow San Diego musician Justin Pearson (of The Locust, Retox, and more), and it's a serious rager. The band cites such influences as Limp Wrist, The HIRS Collective, Napalm Death, Tragedy and Disrupt, and if you like any or all of those, you're probably gonna like this too. It's gnarly, whiplash-inducing hardcore, and though Justin Pearson's instantly recognizable voice is a nice touch, he never overshadows Gay Agenda vocalist David Hurtt, who's got a killer scream of his own. Listen and check out the artwork and tracklist (including a vinyl-only Bjork cover) below.

Gay Agenda Penetrating

01 – Idolatry
02 – Homo Riot (Featuring Justin Pearson)
03 – Power Bottom
04 – Guillotine
05 – Dick Print
06 – Friends Without Benefits
07 – Army Of Me (Bjork Cover) only on Vinyl
08 – No One For No One
09 – Sidewalk Sale
10 – Cartilaginous Perseptive And Studies About The Microanatomy A Blowjob
11 – Masculinity Is A Prison

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