The Get Up Kids returned in 2018 with their first release in seven years (and first for Polyvinyl), the Kicker EP, and then earlier this year Get Up Kids offshoot Radar State released their debut album, and now The Get Up Kids have announced a new full-length, Problems, due May 10 via Polyvinyl (pre-order). It was produced by Peter Katis (Interpol, The National), and the first taste is "Satellite," a song that starts off with the softer acoustic vibes of On A Wire but turns into a punchy, driving song that sounds like a fresh update on classic Get Up Kids. Matt Pryor says:

I started writing ‘Satellite’ about my son who’s 14 and a total introvert—not antisocial, he just genuinely likes to keep to himself. But then somewhere down the line I started singing about myself—about how even when you’re playing a show to a room full of people, I can still feel anxious and isolated.

The song comes with a video (directed by Kerstin Ebert) that tells a similar, parallel story to the song itself, and also features some recent live footage. "The feeling of being isolated in a big city can be depressing. But instead of making this a sad story, I added a cardboard man named Hank to the storyline -- a guy who lives like a normal human being amongst 8 million other people in New York City," says Ebert. "Even though Hank's adventurous ambitions as well as his facial expressions are very limited, he is the heart of the story and the biggest dreamer of all." Watch/listen below.

The Get Up Kids will also be playing two SXSW shows in Austin this month: the Polyvinyl Showcase (with Pedro the Lion and more) at Mohawk on 3/13 and the Brooklyn Bowl Family Reunion at Scoot Inn on 3/14. Those are TGUK's only announced dates at the moment, but they're promising more shows TBA.

The Get Up Kids Problems

1. Satellite
2. The Problem Is Me
3. Salina
4. Now Or Never
5. Lou Barlow
6. Fairweather Friends
7. Common Ground
8. Waking Up Alone
9. The Advocate
10. Symphony of Silence
11. Brakelines
12. Your Ghost Is Gone

The Get Up Kids -- 2019 Tour Dates
3/13 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk - Polyvinyl Showcase (11:45 PM)
3/14 - Austin, TX - Scoot Inn - Brooklyn Bowl Family Reunion (11:00 PM)

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