Go! Team Tickets are already sold out for the The Go! Team's shows at Mercury Lounge on March 21st and Southpaw on March 22nd.

If you don't have, or can't afford, a ticket you can start to smile again. Word is, like Bloc Party before them, they'll be playing a free show at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in Manhattan on March 23rd.

So we're looking at three straight work/school nights that look something like this:

Mon March 21: Feist @ Joe's Pub & The Go! Team @ Mercury Lounge
Tue March 22: free Brendan Benson Other Music Instore (if I can get in) & The Go! Team @ Southpaw
Wed March 23: Keren Ann @ Joe's Pub & free The Go! Team @ Tribeca Grand

Might be time to rethink my plans or plan on using up some sick days.


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