The Go! Team are getting ready to release The Get Up Sequences Part Two on February 3 via Memphis Industries. A sequel to 2021's Part One, the album features vocal contributions from West Africa's Star Feminine Band, Indian Bollywood playback singer Neha Hatwar, Kokubo Chisato from J-Pop indie band Lucie Too, Detroit rapper IndigoYaj, Brooklyn rapper Nitty Scott, and former Apples in Stereo member Hilarie Bratset. You can check out very fun video for new single "Whammy O" below.

We're deep into Year-End List Season and Go! Team leader Ian Parton was nice enough to send us his, featuring albums, television and movies. Check that out, with a few words about each item, below.

The Go! Team will be on tour in the UK in 2023 and those dates are listed below.

Ian Parton from The Go! Team - Favorite Albums, Movies & TV of 2022


The Soundcarriers - Wilds
Such an underrated band. Instantly recognisable: cavernous drums, pingy ride cymbals, clicky Gainsbourg bass, tropicalia lady/gent vocals to soundtrack yr Rio oceanside drive. Wwhy doesn’t everyone know about this band?

Los Bitchos - Let the Festivities Begin!
4 cool laydeez obsessed with lead-lines, Turkish twang, surf throwdowns -- backcombed to oblivion.

Star Feminine Band - In Paris
A teenage, all-girl band from Benin who wear matching traditional dress when they play. Formed in an after school music club in their small village, they are now touring the world with their sound: joyous and ramshackle in the best way. We were lucky enough to have them sing on 2 songs on the upcoming Go! Team record.


Triangle of Sadness
A story as neat and symmetrical as an isosceles. It’s about currency and how it can flip in an instant. The 15 minutes of ultra rich folk puking set to thrash metal is the most punk rock thing I’ve seen all year.

Flux Gourmet
I love films that have rules and don’t try to justify or explain why. So in Peter Strickland’s world there are sonic caterers -- people who make music out of food -- that’s the deal. Are you in?

Boiling Point
The camera gliding around a London restaurant on the busiest night of the year and the tension climbs and climbs - shot all in one take, watching was a similar sensation to getting on a 90 minute ghost train.


The White Lotus
For me it’s like a cross between Mike Leigh and Bret Easton Ellis. Like Leigh, Mike White really clearly sets out all the characters, drops them into supercharged situations and then lets them play out to their amped up, batshit conclusions. It feels more controlled and purposeful than any other TV I’ve seen -- no one is let off the hook.

Possibly the most awkward TV show I've ever seen -- which is fine by me. Showing not telling and unafraid to have 5 minutes of someone unloading a dishwasher. More drama in a facial expression than any car chase.

Get Back
Almost creating a new genre of TV, seeming to have more in common with VR than a regular music doc. A real time hangout with the Fabs. Showing the Beatles practising the same song 10 times where others would show it once -- the usual rules didn’t apply.


The Go! Team - 2023 Tour Dates
3rd March, Cambridge, Junction
4th March, Southampton, Engine Rooms
5th March, Margate, Dreamland
9th March, Reading, Sub 89
10th March, Birmingham, The Mill
11th March, Newcastle, Boiler Shop
12th March, Bristol, The Fleece
16th March, Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
17th March, Sheffield, Leadmill
18th March, Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms
19th March, Glasgow, SWG3
25th March, Manchester, Gorilla
26h March, Leeds, Brudenell
30th March, London, Lafayette
31st March, London, Lafayette SOLD OUT
1st April, Brighton, Chalk

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