The Goners is a new Swedish band featuring Salem's Pot vocalist/guitarist Nate Gone and former members of Yvonne, and they're releasing their debut album Good Mourning on March 13 via RidingEasy Records (pre-order). We're premiering the album's second single, "Are You Gone Yet?," as well as the album-closing cover of Dead Moon's "Dead In The Saddle." They stay pretty faithful to the original on the Dead Moon cover, though maybe they crank up the fuzz a little more than Dead Moon do, and if you like that song, you'll probably like The Goners' originals too. They show off a love of '60s/'70s garage rock and heavy psych -- think somewhere between The Stooges and the proto-metal of a band like Dark -- and they do that sound well. Listen to both new songs below.

01. Are You Gone Yet?
02. High, Low and Never In Between
03. World of Decay
04. Evil (Is Not Enough)
05. Good Ol’ Death
06. The Sickening
07.. Down & Out
08. You Better Run
09. The Little Blue
10. Dead In The Saddle (Dead Moon cover)

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