The Green Child, aka the Australia-based electronic duo of former Grass Widow singer/guitarist Raven Mahon and Mikey Young (Total Control, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, more), will release their second album, Shimmering Basset, on October 16 via Upset the Rhythm. Together, they make a pastoral style of synthpop that's gentle, melodic and engaging. You can hear that in The Green Child's lovely new single, "Double Lines," which premieres in this post.

"The instrumentation for Double Lines began as distorted loops Mikey created from a 4 track recording we did at home at the beginning of lockdown 1," says Raven. "We were playing around with a synth and drum machine and a guitar and transferred those sounds into Logic, where we added a structured second half that I sang over. The lyrics describe a calm point before a transition when someone readies themselves for a change. I was thinking initially about escapism and space, but am more attached to the idea of a careful transformation than an escape now."

Watch the "Double Lines" video, directed by Lola Hewison, and stream two other songs off the album, below. You can listen to The Green Child's 2018 self-titled debut below as well.

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